May 10 2014

Best tourist attractions to explore in delhi

Finally I explored all the amazing destinations in Delhi and on 15th July 2014 I present my blog post on Best tourist attractions to explore in delhi.

New Delhi the Indian capital city has many attractive places that act as tourists destinations.

New Delhi Destinations to explore

1. Red fort or Lal Qila

Red fort or Lal Qila is an attractive old fort in Delhi. It was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan which served as his residence and his family members. It was currently named as a UNESCO world heritage site due to the high maintenance’s. It symbolizes power in India and is heavily guarded. It was constructed from red sand stone hence its name. It is the place where the prime minister addresses the nation and is open to the public every day of the week except on Mondays.

2. Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat is the memorial where the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. It is was constructed using black marble and surrounded by an attractive beautiful garden. It is a popular tourist destination and a must visit while in Delhi. It consists of a continuous burning flame and his last words hey ram’ before assassination are inscribed here. It is located near River Yamuna in a very beautiful and peaceful setup for calmness while touring here. It is open all days of the week and the entry to the memorial is free and the best way to respect the world icon.

3. India gate

India Gate is another beautiful place to visit while in Delhi. It was built on 1931 as a commemoration of all the soldiers who died in First World War. It is beautifully decorated and all the names of the soldiers are inscribed on this great gate. It allows view of the Rajpath Avenue the main street in New Delhi. It serves as a symbol of unity and a great place to visit. Most of the protests are held here but close proximity to the gate is prohibited and thus the names inscribed are not easily visible.

4. Humayun Tomb

Humayun Tomb is a mausoleum constructed in the ancient times. It was built by Biga Begum and it is the first tomb to be surrounded by a garden. It was constructed using red sand stone and is located near Mathura and Lodhi Roads. It is complex with many tombs, graves and mosques located here. It is easily accessible using taxis or the public transport. Lotus Temple is a popular visited temple by visitors worldwide. It is a magnificent lotus flower shaped mosque. It is open for all worshipers regardless of their color and religion. It is open from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and a famous tourist destination.

And a lot more. If you think that you know more about delhi than tell us…

Jun 14 2014

Top Hotels in India which you must prefer

Waterstones Hotel and Club

When looking for some true R&R in Mumbai, you might not normally think about staying in anywhere close to Andheri East. After all, with the Chakala being one of the busiest places in the world at peak hours, no one wants to be anywhere close to it. However, within the walls of this amazing hotel are lawns that seem to go on forever, an outdoor Jacuzzi to relax in and an Olympic-sized pool to keep in shape. It’s a must see.


The Oberoi Udaivilas

Located right in the middle of Udaipur, this hotel is one of the best ways to get the feeling of how it must be to be a member of royalty in India. From the hotel you get a good view of the lake and all the rooms open up to the common pool in the rear. Tons of open space and large rooms satisfy your need to explore and the Italian marble sets the tone for a royal stay.

GTC Hotel, Delhi

Situated in South Delhi, Hotel GTC is the best hotel accommodation in south delhi. The hotel has 24 rooms, 1 open lounge and 2 party & conference hall. Their location is very close to Nehru Place market and this it is a perfect accommodation option for corporate travellers.


The Oberoi, Mumbai

If you want to enjoy the view of the Arabian sea, this is one of the best hotels you can choose. Be prepared for vegetarian food if you dine in the hotel if you’re a fan of meat. The Eau Bar is a great stop if you’re looking for a little lively fun with live music and even a complimentary drink to set the tone of your stay. Spacious rooms and an attentive, friendly staff help you to feel at ease and ready to unwind.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

This is a highly unique hotel situated in the middle of a lake with a boat required to access the grounds. The friendly staff will attend to your every need and when you walk through the grounds, you’ll encounter birds flying around to greet you. Take a paddle boat out on the lake to experience the hotel from a different vista. The seclusion of the hotel simply cannot be explained; it must be experienced.


Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas

Another hotel set in exclusion, this has a mountain setting unlike any other hotel. Modern touches like the forever pool with the mountains as the backdrop as well as luxury you will feel make you feel like you’re in paradise. The absolute absence of traffic sounds or any city sounds at all will transport you to a place in your mind where you can actually relax and take stock.

May 20 2014

The 3 “J” cities in Rajasthan which one must visit

My Jaisalmer

My Jaisalmer

Hi friends. Its me, Uncle Anthony and Yes I am alive. Got some mail on my last month trip to check whether I am dead or still travelling with that old backpack I bought from Seattle. The answer is that I straight went to Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jailsamer instead of visiting Pushkar.

I have seen all these 3 cities like million times but this trip was special, especially Jaisalmer. 1st I got a call from a guy name MR Singh and he invited me to suggest some cuisine for his new camp restaurant in Jaisalmer, which my friend is really amazing. Well almost all the camps around there are amazing but this one – Spirit Desert Camp Jaisalmer, is a bit special as I am their cuisine advisor :).

Yes I took a part time job at the camp but don’t worry as I will be travelling a lot and experiencing the dust of Rajasthan every month. So in this post I want to share my experience about Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is one of the oldest city Rajasthan is very similar to ancient Rome. Just view their forts and palaces, especially the Gadisar lake.

The best months to visit Jaisalmer is from October to march as the temperature is quite nice and pretty low in the night, now thats rhyme… I travelled to Jaisalmer in the month of May which is simply HOT. Temperature are not as high as it was in the 2013 (Global warming) but still its isn’t advised to visit Jaisalmer in April, May, June and July.

For those who are planing to visit Jaisalmer in the right season, they are most welcome at our Jaisalmer Desert Resort and I am even ready to offer a 25% of my readers. Plus you can and must visit the below destinations.

  • Sam Sun Dunes
  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Tanot Mata Temple
  • India- Pakistan Border
  • The Jaisalmer Desert festival in February.

I personally love to visit Tanot Mata Temple as it symbolises the spirit of mother India in itself. If you have seen the film Border in 1999 than you must be aware of the Tanot Mata Temple story. If not check this link. Apart from Jaisalmer tourist destinations one must visit Jodhpur as its not too far and I am sure that you will love to see this palace - umaid bhawan jodhpur.

There is soo much to see in Rajasthan that one life isn’t enough. So visit my Rajasthan and visit Jaisalmer.

Apr 1 2014

Luxury resorts in north India to spend holidays with family

North India is arguably the most coveted tourists holiday destinations in Indian subcontinent. The greenery lush, capped mountain peaks, the vivid landscape, gargling rivers and rich culture and heritage makes this part of the nation a superb holiday destination. Northern India mainly comprises of a number of beautiful hill stations that are mainly in Himalayan foothills and the desert of Thar in Rajasthan which comprises of amazing tourist cities like Jaipur, Kukas/ Kookas, Pushkar etc. If you are searching for a perfect gateway from the world’s jading woes, then destinations like Jammu and Kashmir, Jaipur are the best places that you can ever dream of. Proximity to virgin nature’s tranquility also makes it a perfect soul searching place.

Northern India includes states like Delhi, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and my favorite the royal state of Rajasthan. Major rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra have their origin from the North plains of India and have boasts many ancient empires and dynasties that were established in India. This is evident in its rich history and historical monuments.

The royal and luxury state of Rajasthan

Sheesh Mahal in Amer fort rejasthan

There is no doubt that Rajasthan is a global tourist attractions and especially its capital, Jaipur is a city to see before you die. Jaipur has some of the finest palaces, forts, markets and my favorite luxury and heritage hotels and resorts. One of my favourite resort in Jaipur is Lohagarh Fort Resort. Lohagarh, a 13 acre lush green place and a best tree house resorts in Jaipur Rajasthan. These tree houses are placed on 300-400 year old trees and have a fine mixture of modern hospitality and natures touch. If you ask me that whats the best place to enjoy family holidays in North India, I will say Jaipur and lohagarh fort resort.

The Capital of India - New Delhi

 New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India is a major tourist destination with innumerable Mughal monuments. Examples of such monuments are the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb, Jantar Mantar and India’s gate. The New Delhi national museum can transform you to an ancient civilization times within some few minutes of your visit. For example, it is rich in the Harappan civilization that will provides you with a trip to the various medieval and ancient dynasties by looking at artifacts related to these ancient times. New Delhi has also the most famous cuisines and shopping hideouts.

The Hill Stations

Hill stations

For peace and serenity in North India’s green surroundings, you can head towards Uttarakhand a popular paradise for tourists. This area is made up of Nainital, Mussoorie etc.The Corbett national park at Ramnagar area is one of the famous tourist destinations. Nainital town is found around the eye-shaped lake, hence the name Nainital. The famous Nandadevi temple is near this lake. A good number of luxurious resorts and hotels are also found around this place, where you can enjoy the sweet breeze from the hills during sunset and sunrise, with a cup of the Uttaranchal green tea. The place has also a boat house club over the lake that is made up of wood.

Other lakes near Nanital area are Sattal, Bheemtal, Baldabiyantital and Naukuchiatal. A visiting family can go for a boat ride in these lakes and also have a picnic around it. Uttarakhand offers a number of water sports such as Kayaking, Rafting, Rippling and many more. Other activities that tourists can enjoy with their families are trekking and mountain climbing.

So just prepare yourself for a trip to these hot and cold destinations and do write your experience.

Mar 31 2014

Food and Travel in North India

India is one of the beautiful countries of the world where you can find a perfect blend of different cultures and religions. Even the food varies from state to state in India. The unity in diversity is best known here. The taste and variety of food in North India will be completely different from South India. By virtue of this food I would like to highlight some of the places to travel in North India and also the famous food in north India.

North India

North India

Places to visit in North India

If we talk about North India, the first beautiful that comes to everyone’s mind is snow covered Kashmir.  The snow covered mountains, green valleys and the lakes and rivers are the greatest attraction of this place.  The mesmerizing beauty of this place can bewitch the eyes of the tourists visiting here. Due to the breath taking beauty of this place, it has also been called as paradise on Earth. Apart from sightseeing tourists can also enjoy trekking here. As the place is flooded with visitors every year the hotels are also quite budget friendly.

If you move ahead you can explore the beautiful hilly state Himachal Pradesh. People who love to visit hill stations will surely fall in love with the place. Places like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala and Chamba have become the favorite tourist attraction. Apart from this people who are religious can also visit a stretch of temples here.

After this comes the capital city Delhi. This city carries the treasure of old heritage and ancient culture. You can find many historical monuments here which were built by the emperors ruling. Some of the major tourists attraction include Red fort, India gate, Lotus temple, Qutab Minar and Connaught place.

Moving ahead is the beautiful princely state Rajasthan. The main attraction of this place is the   glorious history, architecture heritage and the ancient culture. If you visit the place you can find that the ancient traditions still prevail in some parts of state. I stay in Pushkar but I will say that the best place to visit in Rajasthan is Kukas and Jaipur. Jaipur has some amazing destinations like City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Pink City, Amer fort, Jaigarh fort etc.

North Indian food

North Indian food

Food of north India

The North India is a very vast region and every region here has its own distinct and unique cuisine. Even the cooking style also varies from place to place. Though the style vary but ingredients used are same which relates one cuisine to another. Some of the common Cuisine Include

1)      Rice and chapattis are one of the most preferred ones here. Their preparation may vary the basic thing remains same.

2)      You can find a wide variety of vegetables and fruits here. These vegetables can either be cooked dry or with some curry.

3)      The North Indians are very fond of dairy products especially milk. Mil products like curd, ghee, butter and paneer are part and parcel of North Indian style of cooking.

4)      North Indians are very fond of deserts. They prefer having something sweet after meals. In winters hot deserts are preferred while in summers usually they enjoy cold ones.

So people who are big foodie will surely enjoy the North Indian food due to the variety of food.